Knowing your Odds at the Casino is a Must

On this page we will try to give some simple and obvious (at the level of “common sense”) tips and advice when choosing a strategy for playing baccarat.

Properly chosen strategy of the game is half the success. The best example of this is the blackjack strategy. By correctly applying this strategy and understanding what the “card counting method” is, you can reduce the casino advantage in the game to zero, and even get a small advantage over it (about 1%)! Click บาคาร่า ออนไลน์ to know more!

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Advantages and Drawbacks

The advantage of a casino means that in a sufficiently long series of games the chances of a casino to win on all types of bets are preferable. In fact, this is observed in all casino games – the casino does not play for equal chances – otherwise it will go bankrupt.

At the same time, we note that the same “card counting method” is no longer suitable for video poker, but a correctly chosen strategy can reduce the casino advantage to a minimum here. Baccarat strategy

It so happens that, unfortunately, there is no mathematically sound strategy for playing baccarat, since the player’s influence on the course of the game is minimal (only the choice of the bet value and the hand on which it is placed), and then you can only hope for Luck.

Nevertheless, the absence of a strict baccarat strategy does not mean that a player is unable to make an optimal choice in a game.

Do not put on a draw!

It has been proven that in casino baccarat has some advantage over the player in each of the three bets. We define the casino advantage for each of these bets.

  • When betting on the Player, the casino advantage will be 1.29%.
  • When betting on the Bank, the casino advantage is 1.01%.
  • When betting on a Draw, the casino advantage is 15.75%.

This means, for example (for a game with one deck), which by betting on the Player, you will lose about $ 1.29 out of every $ 100 that is bet.

These figures are slightly different for different authors considering different versions of the game (different number of decks of cards participating in the game and some difference in the rules of the purchase).

Figuring Things Out

From here comes your first conscious possibility of choice: betting on a bank for a player is preferred! As for the bet on a Draw, despite the high payouts at this rate (from 8: 1 to 9: 1), the probability of a draw outcome is small (the casino’s advantage at this rate is up to 15%).

Hence the second conclusion: do not bet on the “tie”! But this recommendation is, of course, not for “Good Luck Gentlemen.” Take a chance! So, it is recommended to bet on the Bank. These are bets with the most favorable outcome for you.

A poor choice, but you should be comforted by the fact that baccarat (along with blackjack), nevertheless, remains a game with the most favorable chance distribution for the player from the entire abundance of casino games offered.